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Hebei Taigong Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.

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C/U/Z Purlin Roll Forming Line


Omega channel machine Roll forming machine maintenance for the life of color-coated steel tile roll forming machine use has a very important meaning, if you do not want your device to the problem of premature or should be replaced according to the method given below us maintain and maintenance, so not only can improve the life of your Zee purlin machine will save all kinds of economic losses due to damage caused by color steel tile press for you.

1. should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions to operate on the ban did not use c shape profile machine or novice direct induction operation.
2. Each boot time to regularly check the adequacy of lubricating oil, check the oil if there is deterioration of the situation.
3. Color tile press equipment should be kept clean, regular color steel roll forming machine for dust protection.
4. Check the color steel tile press of a variety of connectors or fasteners are loose or dropped off, problems to deal with in a timely manner.
5. Regularly check the repair switch, insurance, handle, to ensure its reliable operation.
6. strict rules for safe working practices standard operating personnel, regular training basics of CZ channel machine and prevent personal safety.
7. After you are finished using machinery to turn off the power and other facilities, there is electricity in the place you want to join the safety alert symbol.
8. A good waterproof security measures, strict rules regulate the behavior of the plant operator.
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